Kuando Busylight

Your official workweek may be around 40 hours or so, but you can easily add in a few more because of your open office environment. Why?

Because of frequent interruptions and distractions by your colleagues when you just need to do your work. Wouldn’t it be good with just a little peace and quiet?

The Danish company Plenom has made a solution that you can easily deploy with instant results. Their answer? Kuando Busylight – a small beacon of light that sits on top of your monitor. It illuminates and updates your presence all by itself; you don’t even have to lift a finger.

You automatically show your colleagues when you are available, on the phone, away, or immersed in tasks demanding your full intellectual attention.

If you haven’t been introduced to Busylight yet, just know this: It has been recognized by some of the world’s largest media!

Kuando Busylight by Plenom

Open office noise

Most of us know it…

Your office neighbor keeps chatting away. One moment he interrupts you in the middle of an important client call. In the next, he vaporizes your focus just as you are about to get the hang of a complex spreadsheet.

You love your job, but noise, stress, bad acoustics, and endless interruptions disrupt your day. Many workplaces have been creative in dodging the persistent problems: In some places, coworkers make elaborate clothespin schemes pinching them onto their collars when busy. Others use designated coffee mug, rubber duck or special colored triangle signaling. The possibilities are endless!

The issue is: None of these homegrown methods solve anything efficiently.

Can you hear the phone?

In order to eradicate noise and interruptions for good, Plenom developed Busylight – an easy, practical, and affordable solution.

You could call it a small glow stick that you put on your monitor. Beside its obvious party advantages, it tells your colleagues when you’re on the phone, away but nearby, available, or you simply don’t want to be disturbed. It updates your presence automatically since it connects seamlessly with Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber on your PC.

Busylight has especially received acclaim amongst employees using headsets for their phone calls. The concept takes account for your ability to hear an incoming call – also when you are not wearing your headset. Kuando Busylight features a built-in ringtone that alerts you both visually and audibly when someone is phoning you.

You have the choice between two distinct designs when using Busylight for your PC: The slim Busylight Alpha for smaller workplaces and the enhanced Busylight Omega for large open offices.

Busylight for your desk phone

Are you using desk phone for your calls? No worries, you are covered. Plenom has made two different noise and disturbance solutions that work for both combined desk phone and PC communicators and for desk phone purists.

KuandoBOX links your phone to your PC, automatically changing your online status to “on call” when you are on the phone. This benefits the many companies using multiple telecommunication channels significantly.

Do you only use desk phone? Then Busylight Combi might be for you. It brightens your surroundings when you are on the phone. This has especially been proven efficient when you use a headset as it isn’t always clear to your coworkers if you are engaged in a call or not.

Satisfaction AND productivity

But does high productivity and efficiency equal an unhealthy work environment, you might ask. We have talked to the founding director of Plenom, Christian Juel Jensen. He is the man behind the whole Kuando Busylight concept.

“I cannot recall one single workplace where employees don’t care to be productive. Efficient work processes create job satisfaction, which in the end benefits the company. Oppositely, unnecessary and unproductive interruptions challenge the work environment. This is often caused by the culture or interior arrangement of a workplace,” he concludes.

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